Blue Hors Hotline død 18 år gammel

04-02-2021 22:24

Elitehingsten Blue Hors Hotline blev i januar måned aflivet i sit hjem på Dreamscape Farm i Canada, hvor han har levet de sidste to år

Blue Hors Hotline fotograferet i Danmark i 2015. Foto: Kolind.
Nyheden fortsætter efter annoncen

Desværre for den knap 18-årige hannoveranerhingst Blue Hors Hotline e. Hofrat/ De Niro og for Jennifer Arnoldt fra Dreamscape Farm i Canada blev hingsten på grund af en tarmkomplikation aflivet januar måned, skriver Dreamscape Farm på Facebook. 

Blue Hors Hotline var i 2016 Årets Hingst i Dansk Varmblod og blev samme år nr. 4 ved DM i dressur med Daniel Bachmann Andersen i sadlen. I 2017 blev han pensioneret efter en glorværdig sportskarriere, der tæller mange internationale Grand Prix-placeringer.

Nyheden fortsætter efter annoncen

Blue Hors Hotline, der har omkring 500 afkom registreret i Danmark, blev lejet ud til det tyske statsstutteri Warendorf for bedækningssæsosen 2018, hvor han havde en del tyske hopper.

Blandt mere end 40 S-placerede afkom efter Blue Hors Hotline kender vi i Danmark særligt godt til guldmedaljehoppen Sirikit (MF: Blue Hors Don Schufro. Opdr. Peter Christensen), der under Carina Nevermann Torup har gået Grand Prix.

I december 2018 flyttede Blue Hors Hotline sammen med Blue Hors Rockefeller til Dreamscape Farm i Canada, hvor han i sin første bedækningssæson i 2019 blev Nordamerikas mest benyttede hingst. Hotline fik godt to år i Canada og sluttede sit liv meget tidligere end forventet og ønsket.

Daniel Bachmann Andersen og Blue Hors Hotline. Foto: Gertsen.


Det skriver Dreamscape Farm i Canada:
Goodbye to a great Champion and champion of my heart…Hotline 2003-2021 with a heart that has been broken, I am sharing the news that we have lost our wonderful and one-of-a-kind Hotline. I have tried multiple times to write a tribute to him but each time I have not been able to, with Hotline how do you truly summarize him ? The enormity of his accomplishments? Himself performance wise, his breeding accomplishments, his contribution to the breeding world, but to all that have known him the enormity of his character and presence. I feel like you could write a book on Hotline, and still be worried that important details were left out. That is just how special he was, how much he did and how much he was himself as a horse to those of us who have had the honor to love him.
I will forever be thankful to Blue Hors for sharing Hotline, not only with me, but also with North American breeders. I know they really felt as did I, he could really make a positive impact on breeding in North America, and there are so very few stallions like him in the world. I know they are really feeling his loss as well. Hotline had a huge impact on our lives in only two years, I can’t imagine the hole he left with those who knew him best and dealt with him for years. Hotline was a larger than life personality, he had a presence that just engulfed you, you knew you were in the presence of something special. I remember the first time I saw him in person picking him up from quarantine. I know I had a fan girl reaction, love at first sight, like this is really him, it’s really Hotline, I probably squealed a few times too. Hotline in turn looked down at me, with his wise eyes and I could tell he had not decided yet where I would fit into his life. Over the course of his time here, he taught me to be a better stallion handler and owner, he taught me to think outside the box, and kept me on my toes, I adored his huge funny macho personality. He loved having his big wide forehead patted and would allow for the occasionally kiss (if no one was watching), he knew he was the king, and he demanded that respect. I remember clear as day the first time he decided to talk to me, and from that day on, I would hear his familiar deep call every time he saw me or heard me walking on the driveway, I would see his head and big intelligent eyes swing my way. I consider myself special as he only talked to me, that is how Hotline was it was Hotline’s world. My other stallions are all a little lost at the moment, as he was the leader, especially his best buddy Valentino, there was nothing funnier than watching these two older stallions sniff, talk and show a genuine affection for each other, the bromance was real. Our barn is for sure quieter now…
Hotline was a stallion who was a champion from day one, named Champion Stallion of his licensing in 2005, he impressed the audience with his amazing presence. Hotline then went on to sell for a then record price of 800 K euro’s. Hotline then went onto win his stallion 70 day stallion test. After that he enjoyed much success in the young horses classes right up to International Grand Prix, with riders including Maik Kohlschmidt before moving to his best known partnership with Daniel Bachmann Andersen, in 2016 they were in the running for a spot in the Danish Olympic team. In 2016 Hotline was also named Danish Warmblood Stallion of the year!!
His breeding accomplishments and influence run even deeper. He sired several approved stallions, and many of his daughters are showing up as top producers, we are seeing Hotline in the dam line of so many top horses. But bar none Hotline will always be known and has made his mark as a “riding horse maker” his offspring have excelled in the performance ring, his ability to make upper level dressage horses is nothing short of amazing. Though those of us who knew Hotline best, know it comes not only for his physical abilities but also from his incredible mind that he also passed on. He clearly stamped his offspring! Hotline had the incredible honor of being named as a Top 20 Dressage producing stallion in the world for 2 years, such an amazing accomplishment, and so true to him. We know that his legacy will live on for years to come as we see all his offspring continue to excel in the show ring, and we look forward to them adding to their sire’s incredible accolades.
We lost Hotline in January to a large lipoma, which caused strangulation, very close to his stomach, his prognosis was very poor overall for surgery, recovery and future quality of life. We made the very hard decision it was in Hotline’s best interest to let him run free of pain to the big green pasture in the sky. I would like to thank my veterinarian Dr Tracy Plough who attended Hotline immediately when he we thought he was not looking like his normal self. A big thank you to Dr Joanna Virgin and the staff at Paton and Martin’s Veterinary Services, they provided outstanding care and support for Hotline at the clinic. I know we all just wished we had more of a fighting chance with Hotline instead of feeling like we had been struck by lightning. I am so thankful as well, that they were so kind as to give me the opportunity to say one final goodbye, rest my head on that familiar wide forehead, thank him for being such an amazing horse, and promised him his legacy would be looked after, he could rest easy, before giving him one final kiss goodbye. As hard as it was, I do know he knew just how much he was loved.
I feel so lucky and honoured to have had Hotline for the time that we did, even though it was far shorter than any of us would have wanted. I would again like to say thank you to Blue Hors for sharing him with North America and myself, I extend my heartfelt condolences to everyone who knew him and loved him. To all the breeders in Europe, North America and Worldwide who have supported him throughout his career, thank you!! He was a giant among stallions in so many ways, truly one of a kind. Please hug your Hotline babies a little closer, and give them a pat from me, they are all so very special just like their sire was! We will be cheering you on for years to come! I will miss him always…as will so many….
Christine Krogh Frausing

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