Rock Avenue

Alder: 15 år
Stangmål: 170 cm
Spring: M
Dressur: S
Military: L
Farve: Mørkebrun
Race: Oldenborg (Tysk)
Køn: Vallak
Prisniveau 175 - 250.000 DKK
Far: Rockwell FF: Rocket star FFF: Ramiro Z
FFM: Mariana
FM: Galatee FMF: Grandus
FMM: Waldfee
Mor: Rubinca MF: Rubinstein I MFF: Rosenkavalier
MFM: Antine
MM: Cover Girl MMF: Caprilli
MMM: Goldica


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Super schoolmaster and best friend is reluctantly for sale due to investment in younger abilities in our stable.
"Rocky" is a wonderful individual whose entertaining, sweet character and big heart charms everyone around him.
He is totally uncomplicated in all possible handling, safe and highly educated to ride and loves to be a part of whatever you decide to do. Competed Intermediaire I, trained up to 130cm showjumping and also trained for eventing. Started msv A in the summer of 2020 at about 64%. Very nice to hack, alone or with others doesnt matter. Rocky is the best!

X-rayed leg, back and neck without any remarks in 2017 and vet-checked 31th October 2020 with the statement "very sound for his age". Never been treated in any joints.

Rocky was operated on in one knee many years ago due to a kick-injury from another horse. This surgery took place before his dressage career even started and he has always been sound afterwards. This has on several occasions been X-rayed without remarks, most recently on October 31, 2020. He also had to remove a tooth that he injured after he accidently chewed on a stone - this does not affect him at all.

If you are looking for a best friend and a schoolmaster, this is the horse for you! There are many people that can attest to what an absolutely delightful gentleman Rocky is. The home is very important!

Rocky is located in Sweden, Stockholm and the price is 300,000 SEK (approx 218,406 DKK) vat included.

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Navn: Annika Dennerståhl
Adresse: Fäbodarna 1
Postnr.: 19793
Land: Sverige
Telefon: +46701886563
Mobil: +46701886563


Postnr.: 19793
Land: Danmark