Quadir 5

ID-nummer: DE421000251812
Alder: 9 år
Stangmål: 176 cm
Spring: M
Dressur: Redet
Military: Redet
Farve: Flueskimmel
Race: Holstener
Køn: Vallak
Prisniveau 175 - 250.000 DKK
Far: Quick Orion FF: Quick Star FFF: Galoubet
FFM: Stella
FM: Harmonie d’Ell FMF: Jalisco
FMM: Toscane d’Ell
Mor: Vita XIII MF: Landos MFF: Lord
MFM: Uta V
MM: Oklahoma V MMF: Badlini I
MMM: Charisma II


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Quadir is a 9-year-old Holstein gelding with an absolutely great character. He is super people-oriented and loves to cuddle. Quadir is totally uncomplicated and child-safe to deal with. In the years we had him, Quadir never had health problems or was complicated to deal with.

When riding, he gives the rider a lot of security, which is why Quadir is also great to sell as a junior horse. Quadir jumps over every jump without batting an eyelid and is super controllable and agile. Quadir is used to ride a lot in the forest/beach and is therefore safe in the terrain - even without other horses. He always wants to please the rider and is up to any task.

He is presented at competitions and placed in class L (1,20m). His current level of training is class M (1,30).

Quadir is to be delivered to a nice home, not a horse dealer.

He is being sold, because I will start studying this year and then I will no longer be able to find the time to ride him.

Sælgers informationer

Navn: Marie Hanisch
Adresse: Osterstraße 17a
Postnr.: 25923
By: Süderlügum
Land: Tyskland
Mobil: 01725630117
E-mail: mariehanisch2001@gmail.com


Postnr.: 25923
By: Süderlügum
Land: Danmark